Happy birthday Aoife.

Today Aoife finally turns 16. Aoife is like the baby in the group all though she is not the youngest. At first she seems all cute and innocent but she is not.  Let me tell you, she may be small and cute but she can most certainly stand up for herself and if you ever steal her shoe the chances of you ending up being pushed into a bush are very likely.  I have never taken Aoifes shoe since that day......

I have known Aoife since first year because we were in all the same classes apart from options. It was only really in second year that we became the great friends that we are now. I remember times in first year where I seen the loud side of Aoife like on my birthday I remember sitting at the back in Irish and she just would not shut up about my birthday. That was when I first learned that Aoife never stops talking.

It was second year that I became Aoifes bridesmaid one day in Spanish, that was funny how that happened and neither of us have forgotten that I one day will be Aoifes bridesmaid. It was also in second year when our races to geography began to see who go the seat by the window. Everybody had their own seats were they always sat for geography and me and Aoife had the seat at the front by the window. Every day was like a race to see who got the seat beside the window..... The end result was no matter what I did I always ended up moving to the outer seat and gave Aoife the seat by the window and not much changed in T.Y the same thing would happen but not with Aoife but Louise.

It was in third year that I learned about the mammy in Aoife. She was always there if you needed to talk and took care of people.... well in her own way she took care of people.  She knows what to say to you to make you do the right thing and see sense.  I have to say if it wasn’t for Aoifes unique way of pretty much scaring you into doing the right thing because she screams it at you until you get it into your head I don’t think I would have survived the past couple of months.

It was in T.Y that I thought hat me and Aoife would drift apart because she was going straight into fifth year but I was wrong and I am glad that I was wrong. I think that we grew closer even though she seemed to have this hatred toward any of the T.Y’s that ate lunch in  room 23 or maybe she just liked screaming at us to get us out of the room at lunch time..... who knows..... but I know she didn’t mean to be mean to the T.Y’s after all one of them is going to be one of her bridesmaids when she gets married.

I have plenty of good and funny memories with Aoife...... everything from her losing her shoe in a forest to climbing up a mountain with her while she talked nonstop with Mr. K..... I would say when we got back to the hostel that night he would have had a headache....... But no matter how much she talks and she talks a lot I’m glad that I can call Aoife my friend.

So happy birthday Aoife and have a great day.

P.S Kellie told me about this song......

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