I was reading lots of blog post’s today about the CTYI. That’s the centre for talented youth in Ireland, if any of you reading this were like me and never heard anything about this until today. Until today I had never heard anything about it and well I was amazed to learn about it and the kinds of things that you get to study, things like science, medicine, writing, psychology and much more. I done a bit of research through Google and also through some great blogs and found out what it is all about.

CTY is an organisation that is based in DCU in Dublin. It provides academic programmes for children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 16 that have a high academic ability. The subjects that are offered to the students run through the summer months and are subjects that are not offered in either primary or secondary school. It is a three week residential course in DCU.

And well after learning a lot about the different kinds of things that they do and get to learn I began thinking. I’m not the smartest person and I would say I have average grades that I am happy with. I don’t have to get top mars in everything I’m happy if I pass all my summer and Christmas exams and well in two years time when I sit my leaving cert I will have the same attitude as well as a certain amount of points set in my mind that I hope to achieve. Scholl work doesn’t come to east to me but in some subjects it does but in others I’m hopeless and just about making the pass grade. I wish I was a straight A student and that I get really good grades all the time but I’m not and to be honest it doesn’t bother me too much.

But when you read things about people who are called “gifted” or “talented” it’s kind of like well that’s great for them that things come so easy for them but not so much for others. I find subjects hard and if I was to spend more time studying something like mats I could improve my grade in that subject but I don’t think that I will ever be able to reach the A in maths because I find it too hard and I just don’t understand these things.  But people who are called “gifted” don’t have to worry about understanding these things because they just come naturally to them.

I think it hard on people who are singled out and called “gifted” because they are smart. Its like they are separating them from the outside world. I know that sounds stupid but what I mean is it seems like a lot of pressure to be putting on a 16 year old if you ask me. At this age we should be out having fun enjoying ourselves. But not going to places like CTY and having to keep learning even during the holidays. I mean its nice to keep busy and do school work I mean sometimes during the holiday I wish I had school work o do. I just think its a lot of pressure to be putting on teenagers and kids. Labelling them isn’t going to make them feel anymore like the rest of their peers if they all ready feel different because of how smart they are.

Now everything that I have written could have been absolute rubbish because I don’t know all that much about these things but this is my opinion o this issue. I mean its nice to be given these opportunities but its horrible to think that you have to be labelled as gifted before you are given this opportunities.

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Aislinn said...

The thing about it is, though, gifted isn't a bad label. And the label given to those who go to CTYI is actually "talented", since it's the Irish Centre for Talented Youth. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing either.

Besides that, not everything comes easy to people who are gifted. I know two people who got in the same year, and one of them does pass maths, and the other does pass Irish.
Now, if you're doing a pass subject, then it probably doesn't come that easily to you.

Anyways, three weeks in DCCU during the summer learning might seem like a bad thing for you, but for someone who really enjoys learning, it can be a fantastic experience, where they get to learn things which are totally different to what they learn in school.
Most of the time it's way more interesting as well.

And lastly, it's not just about the learning. It's about the people, the craic, the place, the memories and the experience.
Anyone who goes to a sports camp or a music camp wouldn't remember it just for the time they spent running or playing music, it's the time they spent doing other things as well, and the people they were doing it with.
Just a few thoughts. And I'm not someone who went to CTYI, but I know a LOT of people who did. =)

Siobhán said...

I understand what you are saying and It wasn't my intention to offend you or upset you if I did. Do you not think that It's a bit unfair that theses courses in DCU are only offered to "talented" youth rather than all youth.
I would love to be given the chance to go and learn something new that is not offered in my school like medicine.
But summer is the time where you should relax and enjoy yourself for the most part. I mean after college when you go to work were not going to have the three months that we are given now and I think that this time should be taken to enjoy yourself and maybe a way of enjoying yourself is through learning.

Debbie said...

there are courses offered to students who aren't gifted by the CTYI ... you should check out the Scholar courses they are on for two weeks in june and are open to secondary students.
As regards the CTYI courses this is a chance for children who spend most of their year learning at a slower pace to be with likeminded students for a couple of weeks, You wouldn't be allowed go to a music camp if you couldn't play an instrument???

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