A birthday wish for a very special lady.

This is going to be a very personal blog post for me today. I have never written a very personal blog post before so this is a first for me. So today is my mams 50th birthday and yeah I guess you wondering why I’m writing a post about my mams birthday. Well my mam died almost 6 years ago after a battle with lung cancer. I’m not going to go into all of the details about her death or about her illness or anything like that but today I am writing her a blog post as a kind of birthday present a way of keeping her alive and letting people know what kind of inspirational women she was.

To be honest now I have hit writers block... I don’t have a clue what to write now. I guess in many ways me and my brothers are all like my mam. We are caring, thoughtful, fun loving, kind and helpful. These are the things that I can only see how we are similar to my mam but my mam was so much more than that. She was an amazing women who always knew how to have a good time... she was strong and knew how to deal with whatever was sent her way be it a good thing or a bad thing.

I was hoping to make kind of a long post out of this but I didn’t realise how hard I would find it writing about my mam. So really I wanted this post to be a kind of birthday present to my mam. I know that she will always be with me like someone close to me said not so long ago it’s great having special angels in heaven to look after me. That’s what my mam is, she’s not gone she my special angel up in heaven watching out for me.

So because I know my mam is up there watching me write this post I want to say happy birthday and that I hope that you a great birthday and I’m happy that now you get to spend some much need time with your family up there while keeping an eye on us down here.

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AislingNolan said...

Wow Siobhan thats very brave to write about your mam, my dad died 10 years ago last month and i wouldnt even now be able to write about it. Its really nice to see someone who can talk about what happened. Your mam is no doubt looking down on you and i know is very proud of the young lady you have become

Siobhán said...

If it wasn’t for all of the people around me that have helped me over the last six years I wouldn’t be able to talk about my mam. I need to say a huge thank you to everybody who has helped me over the past 6 years and especially this year.... you all know who you are so Thank you.

noeleen said...

Lovely post Siobhan. Your mam would be really proud of you and the wonderful young woman you have become.
Mrs L :)

Resolutions And Stuff.. said...

That was a beautiful post Siobhán....you're so brave! Ms L is right...she would be very proud of you :)

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