“And so I punched her again”

Today I didn’t really have anything at all to blog about and there was nothing interesting in the news. I’m not very good at writing about things that are very topical and things that challenge someone’s view of something but for today I did manage to think of a possible title for a blog post and well the title came from Kellie when we went out and about today for a walk. There was four of us and Kellie wanted to tell us about her exciting dream.... I have to say it as quiet violent.

It took Kellie about half an hour to tell us about her dream and well hearing that she punched somebody twice and pushed someone out a window made me worry about her and I certainly do not want to get on her bad side. And well after hearing about her dream and everything that happened in it i started to think about people and their dreams. I wonder what influences peoples dreams.

Most of the times I can’t remember what I dream about. I do sometimes but not all of the time. Most of the times they usually involved something serious that would wake me up. I always remember nightmares and I guess most people do if they scare you enough and I have had plenty that have scared me. For me things like some episodes of TV shows will scare me enough that I won’t go to sleep. Especially criminal minds. I love that show but some episodes scare the hell out of me.  Scary movies are another thing that will keep me awake for hours and make me paranoid the film The Strangers...... that kept me awake for days after the first time that I watched it.

I have often also wondered about shows like criminal minds and how people think these kinds of things. I mean I think that it is kind of worrying how people come up with these types of things. But these shows are so interesting and they always manage to capture my attention and I just can’t be taken away from them. I don’t even know what it is about them but they are just so good and interesting.

I know this post was very all over the place and I hope that you managed somehow to understand what I was talking about.... all though I don’t even know what I was talking about. But anyway this post was inspired by Kellie so thank you Kellie. I will hopefully have an interesting or decent enough blog post tomorrow, but right now I’m off to watch some criminal minds......


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tykellie said...

You are very welcome!! I will tell u wat happens in tonights part of my dream! :) hav fun with criminal minds, and just to let u know, I did a science project on Dreams!! i MAY be able to answer any Q's u hav on dreaming, otherwise, consult Google!! lol

Siobhán said...

I will write up a list of questions that you can help me answer tomorrow so..... :)

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