T.Y night.

This is just going to be a very short blog post until i get the chance to write a long one tomorrow about T.Y night. Tonight class Amina and Emnet had their T.Y night and what a night that was. Our theme was success seeing as how we succeed in many areas this year and then each class took on a sub theme Amina's being Hollywood and Emnet's being superheros. during the day we spent our time in the hall getting everything ready and doing some run through getting ready for what tonight was going to be like. there was a few things that weren't looking good during the day but we managed to pull it all together and looking at the videos that my brother recorded of the night it all looked pretty awesome.

It was an amazing night and it was an amzing way to end the year. I did shed a few tears by the end of the night and I am going to miss T.Y but I am glad that I did it in the first place. I have made some amazing new friendships that will last for years to come, I have laughed and cried but most of all I had the time of my life. I tried new things and overcame my fear of getting up in front of people and dancing or singing. After tonight I have learned how to be myself around people.

A huge thank you has to be given to all of our teachers and everybody in school and our parents for making this year so good but most of all a huge thanks has to be given to a mad bubbly energetic Mrs L who without her this year would have not been nearly as good as it was. So thanks Mrs L :)

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