In tech we have started a new project. This time we are making phone holders. We got to design them our selves. I decided to do a plain and simple one seeing as how I am bad at tech and the chances of something going wrong with a simple one are quite high I figured I wouldn’t have a chance making a complicate one.
So far it has been easy to make but we had to cut the plastic out ourselves which wasn’t too bad it just took a while and my rectangle didn’t really come out as a rectangle seeing as how I am hopeless at cutting in a straight line.

So far in making my phone holder I have managed to cut two different crooked lines when they were meant to be straight and spent the rest of the time in class filing it down to try and make the sides flat. I have to say that it’s going better than some of my other project. So far the best project that I have made is my clock and I was really happy with how that looked when it was done. I still have to finish my last project. Hopefully I will get them all done in the next two weeks before T.Y is over.

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