Summer tests!!!!!!

Next week the transition years are having there summer test.  In transition year you do lot of different subjects but we don’t have to do a test in all of them.

 For geography and history we were given end of year projects t do and that will be our grade on out report. For English we are having an open book test on a poetry question. We are having that on Thursday and I have all ready given up a draft to Ms B so when I get that back I can just copy it and hopefully i will do well. On Wednesday all of the Ty’s are having their maths test and it is going to be taking up two classes. On Tuesday we are having a religion test and like for our English test we have been given he question and time to prepare. We have to pick a film that we watched during the year and make a visual verbal square for that film. Then on Friday we have a home ec test on micro-biology which I am no really looking forward to, We know that we have a Spanish test we just don’t know when we have the test yet.

We don’t have very many and that’s a good thing once there out of the way next week we have a week left of Ty to enjoy and get everything ready for Ty night and after Ty night we get to go bowling...

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