Roast chicken, chicken curry, grilled chicken......

For activity three of the blog challenge we have to write a post on our favourite musician or favourite computer game or our favourite food. We have to add a picture and also three links. My links are going to be for recipes for different kinds of chicken.

I decided that I would write the post on my favourite food. My favourite food has to be chicken. I don’t really eat that much meat but I eat a lot of chicken. In my house my dad gets fed up of buying chicken and my brother thinks that I eat chicken too much. But now there are lots of different things that you can do with chicken so I don’t really understand how you could get fed up with eating chicken.

You can make chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, roast chicken, chicken pie, barbeque chicken the possibilities are endless. There’s is just so many different things that you can do with chicken. I have to say my favourite has to be roast chicken.

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