My T.Y experience.

T.Y is coming to an end....:(  I have had such an amazing year and have been given so many different experiences throughout the year. I know that I am going to have to keep this blog post so I will try my best .
I thought that this post would be easy to write and well I was wrong. To say that I have had an amazing year is just not enough. It has been far better than that. I have done so many different things that I won’t forget. The opportunities that I was given this year have been something different and very worthwhile.

I think that it’s fair to say that I have enjoyed every minute of this year no matter how stressful it was or how many different projects that we had. This year has really helped to prepare me for the future. Thinking especially about mini company and how in the future I know that I would not like to set up and run my own company. But in saying that it was fun going to the different mini company competitions and it was all a bit of good fun in the end.

Things like work experience had got me ready for working life and I really enjoyed it so much. Especially the week that I spent in the fire brigade training centre. I wish I didn’t have to leave it was that good. I learned so much.

The highlight of my year would have to have been when I went up to Belfast for the Irish blog awards. That was the best night I have had in a long time it was so fun and relaxed for an awards ceremony. Thanks you Mrs L for nominating and helping me to make my blog what it is and thanks to everybody who has commented on my blog and read my blog. If it wasn’t for T.Y I would have never even started blogging.

When I think back now to third year when I was trying to make up my mind about doing ty I think that I am glad that I chose to do it. It has been such an amazing year jam packed with so many different things going on. I have done so many different things that I never thought that I would do and for some of those things I am surprised to say that I really enjoyed doing some of the things like dancing.

I have done so many different things that if I hadn’t chose to do T.Y I would never have got to the chance to do. I have made new friends and kept the old ones. I have tried new things, I have failed and succeeded. I don’t want T.Y to end I wish every year in school was like T.Y.  I am glad that I did T.Y and now that I have all of these amazing memories to look back on. :) Thanks to all of the amazing teachers that have helped to make this year so go and thanks to Mrs L without her this year who not have been as fun as it was. Thanks Mrs L. :)

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