My biggest challenge in T.Y

Today we were practicing our dance for T.Y night which is on Monday night!!!! Our class dance is looking pretty good. We are having subgroups and putting them altogether so that there are mini dances in one big dance. Each group has a different song and came up with their own dance. The group that I am in there is five people and we are dancing to the song “Dont stop me now.”

Our dance is pretty straight forward and I know the gist of it and I think the class dance will look really good when it all comes together. The dance that I am doing is going ok and we have got all of the moves and everything and we have decided on what we are going to wear.

Going back to my title now this dance is going to be the biggest challenge for me in T.Y.Ms O’C our PE teacher told me today that I should let this be my biggest challenge. Now you might be wondering why this is my biggest challenge well as we were practicing it today we were doing it in front of each other and maybe it’s because I don’t know the dance very well or maybe it’s because people were watching me but I wasn’t able to do it.

I don’t want to be the only T.Y that on Monday night doesn’t dance so I keep saying to myself that I am going to do this dance no matter what I am going to do it. I don’t want to get up in front of a hall full of people and just stand back like I have been doing when e were practicing it so I am going to do this dance. If I take anything away from T.Y it will be to have the confidence to get up and dance in a stage in front of people.

I will practice and practice all weekend until I learn this dance so much that the hall full of people will not even entre my head when I get up there on Monday night to dance... well I hope not.

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COD said...

Well Siobhan good on ya:) you'll be brill on monday, sure we are worried one of our afro's will go flying off! :L dont worry about anything and just GO FOR IT :D

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