It just wont fit!!!!!

On Tuesday all of the tys are heading to Tallaght to take part in the sci-fest science competition. We have been working on our science projects since the start of the year when we entered them into the young scientist competition. Only one group form ty got accepted into the completion and they done very well in the competition too.

For the sci-fest competition all of the projects have been accepted. We have been working really hard to get them finished on time. I’m working with Grace and Bebhinn to show how important it is to wash your hands. So far we have completed our project book, our presentation that we will be presenting to the rest of the tys on Monday and right now  I am sitting here starting that the visual display trying to figure how I am going to fit everything on to the two our pages.

On Tuesday we are leaving school at eight o clock in the morning... I can imagine some people still being asleep while they are walking on to the bus. This project has been fun to do but right now I’m not enjoying figuring out how to get everything to fit.

Things have been getting really busy lately with ty night and everything coming up and trying to get all the projects in on time. Thankfully once I get the visual display done for science and finish my drawing for art I am finished all of my projects and then it’s time to start getting ready for the dreaded summer exams. Once that is all done its time to get ready for ty night. I’m working with Louise on making the I.T stand. We have most of it organised but after that we have to make the poster and get everything ready for the night.  When all that is done it is time to RELAX!!!!!

I don’t mean t sound like I’m complaining here I love all the projects and always being busy. I guess ty has helped me to deal with all the work that has to be done especially mini company and I am glad that mini company is just about over. The one very valuable lesson that I will take with me form ty and never forget is that setting up a business is a pain and that it is definitely something that I do not want to do in the future. Now saying all that we did have our fun times working on Green Hero and we were very successful getting into the national final of the “Get up and Go” mini company competition and all together between the two competitions winning three awards.

I have had some amazing experiences and once in a lifetime opportunities in ty and I will be sad to see it end. I have made new friends along the way and I have also learned some new skills that I won’t be in a hurry to leave behind. As I read back through my blog I have seen all of the different things that I have got to do in ty and all of the fun that I have had. I have seen all the things that I never thought I would ever get to do like for example in tech I made a clock I was very proud of myself that after failing to make a keying that I didn’t give up on my clock and it turned out pretty well.

Reading some of the other blogs form the people in my class and the other ty class they seemed to have had a lot of fun this year too. Most of them really enjoyed the ty bonding trip to Carlingford which for some people seemed like the highlight of ty. I unfortunality didn’t get to go to Carlingford because I was sick. But i was glad to hear all the stories about it and to see that everybody had a good time even if some did return to school the next day injured.

This has been an amazing year and its one that I won’t forget. From breakfast in the second year mall to hiking up a mountain for Gasice and painting backdrops and road trips to Cork this has been one of the best years so far while i have been in St Wolstans. I started writing this post about our science project and how i am still staring at it on the floor not finished and no more room for all of our information to rambling on about my ty experience. I better be off and finally get to finish this project so that I can get to work on my art drawing.

If only T.Y could last just a bit longer....

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