Famous women throwers.

For my geography project I focused on famous throwers in athletics from different countries that all competed in the 2008 Olympics. I wrote five different blog post about each throwers. I also wrote about how climate affect throwing shot put, hammer and discus I also wrote about the geography of that country.

Here are the links to the blog posts that I wrote about the different throwers:

Eileen O'Keeffe.
Valerie Vili.
Nadine Kleinert.
Dani Samuels.
Stephanie Brown Trafton.

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Beth Gentrup said...

Hi! Just checking in to see how your blogging is going. This was an interesting post and you did a good job! Keep up the good work. I like the new design :)

siobhán said...

Thanks... :) I found a website that has some cool designs and I thought that i9t was time for a change. :)

noeleen said...

Well done Siobhan on the Geography project. I would never have though climate would affect an athlete so much.

Worthy of an 'A'.

Mrs L :)

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