El Espanol

The title of this post has got nothing to do with this post, well apart from the fact that it’s in Spanish and I have decided to write a pot about Spanish in T.Y.

We never seem to be in Spanish during the week. We usually end up going off somewhere on the days that we have Spanish. At the start of the year our Tuesday Spanish classes turned into a PE class so that we could play rugby on a Tuesday and still be able to do dancing on a Wednesday and Pilates.

It seems like we haven’t done very much but looking back over all of the worksheets and things that I have written in my copy we have done a lot even if we are never in class. This year we don’t have a book because were in T.Y but at the start of the year we paid Ms M five euro and we have since received Spanish magazines. We have been doing work out of them. There are lots of different quizzes and things like that so it’s better than sitting down to write a letter or something in Spanish. The magazines are made for Spanish students our age in Spain as well as other countries and I think that they are really good and helpful.

If only Spanish in fifth year was going to be the same.

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