Widget Choice.

Activity four is where you have to write about the different widgets that you have on your blog. I have a few so I’m only going to write about one or two of them rather than them all.

I made a voki. This gives a little introduction to my blog. I made this because Mrs L made one and put it onto the T.Y blog. I though that it would be fun to try and make one. It was really fun especially designing the avatar. Mine is an alien. I wanted to be different when I was making mine rather than make one that is a person. You were able to record you own voice talking or you could use one of the voices that were on the website and type in what you wanted to say. I chose to record my own voice. I t was good fun making it and it just gives a bit of an introduction to my blog. You should try and make one. It’s really easy. If I can do it anybody can do it.

My cluster map is on my blog because it was part of Mrs L blog challenge for the year that we put a cluster map onto our blogs. I wanted to have everything done in this challenge to I put one into my sidebar. It was really easy to get a cluster map to. It’s also really cool to see where all the people come from to look at your blog and you also see the amount of people that come and visit your blog. I never imagined at the start of the year when I started blogging that people from different countries would come and read my blog so seeing where they come from on a map is pretty cool I think.

I put the Google site translator onto my blog because it was part of the student blog challenge that I am taking part in. I didn’t think much about putting it on my side bar but now when I’m thinking about it I think that its weird no that people can read my blog in different languages. And now I don’t have to write posts in different languages so that people from different countries can read my blog.

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