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So I have finally finished my end of year history project. I chose to do my project on Hitler and looked at weather he was a hero or a villain. I still believe after doing my project that he is very much a villain but take a look at my project essay and leave a comment letting me know what you think.

"Hitler a dictator, a murder, a monster. These are only a few of the words that are used today to describe  Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th of April in 1889. He was born into a big family. He was the fourth child of six. He became very much attached to his mother after his brother died. He had a very close relationship with his mother while he had a troubled relationship with his father who used to abuse him. When Hitler was growing up he wanted to become an artist but his father disagreed with this and wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become an Austrian customs official."

After Hitler’s father died he became an artist and he moved to Vienna.  But he struggled as a painter in Vienna and he soon became poor. His mother died in 1907 after having breast cancer. The doctor that treated his mother was Jewish and many people believe that was the beginning of his hatred towards Jews.

After his mother died he moved back to Germany where he joined the army. Once he was a member of the army he felt that it gave him a sense of pride and he felt like he finally belonged after years of felling like he was an outcast in society. He was a very good and dedicated soldier and at the age of 25 he volunteered to fight for the German army in World War 1. He was always eager for action and he was always the first to volunteer for dangerous assignments. It seemed as if Hitler was trying too hard to please everybody around him and that he really didn’t care whether he lived or died.

As well as fighting during the war he was also a dispatch runner. He would bring messages back and forth to the trenches from the command staff. While he was doing this if there was a break in the fighting between the trenches he would take the time to paint the landscapes of the war.  This showed Hitler’s softer side and his love for fine art and how he knew when to embrace it.

Hitler was not like the other soldiers in world war one. He was quiet and  very interested in fighting in the war. He never talked about women with other men. He was more interested in talking about art or history. He never complained about the bad food like the other men or about the horrible living conditions in the trenches. The other soldiers found this strange and unusual. He was very content and happy. It seemed like he enjoyed being at war.

During the war Hitler was know by his friends and the other soldiers for his luck. He always managed to avoid life treating injuries despite always volunteering for dangerous assignment. He was also known as being too eager to please his fellow soldiers and also his commanding officers. All of his hard work paid off when he was awarded the iron cross first class award. This was a rarity for foot soldiers. He received this medal for his bravery and his outstanding courage during the war. During the First World War Hitler received a total 5 five medals overall for his bravery. Despite his good record and his five medals for bravery he never got promoted and he then remained a corporal for the rest of the war. This was because  of his unmilitary appearance and his odd personality. He was also not
promoted because his superiors felt that he lacked leadership qualities and they thought that he would not be able to command enough respect as a sergeant.

Nearing the end of the First World War Hitler’s luck ran out and in October  1918 he was injured while fighting. He was temporarily blinded by a British chlorine gas attack. After this attack he was sent home to a starving war weary country full of unrest. While he was recovering in a military hospital there wear many rumours that Germany were going to lose the war. On November 10th 1918 an elderly pastor came into the hospital room where Hitler was recovering from the attack and announced that the war was over and that Germany had then became a republic. Hitler was surprised by the outcome of the war. He then blamed the loss of the war on the Jewish people in Germany. The hero that was seen in world war one 1 was not going to last for much longer.

After the First World War Germany suffered a lot. They were given the blame for the war being started. After the war Germany was made to admit defeat and the British and French were told that Germany would not be a treat to them anymore. After the war Germany became a republic and so they had a form of government that was called a democracy.

After the First World War the German economy was badly damaged due to the defeat in the war. There were many people starving and out of work. Due to such bad conditions many people became communists and this meant that there were many different communists groups around the country. There were many different riots between the communists and their opponents but none of them were successful.

In 1931 the allies demanded that Germany had to pay 6.6 billion pounds in reparations. This lead to further damage to the Germany economy. During the time that the death was being paid Hitler decided that he would lead a rebellion against the government. This however failed and Hitler was imprisoned. Here we see that Hitler was very eager to change Germany back to the way that it was before the First World War. How Germany was treated was why Hitler started the Second World War.
Soon after World War one Hitler was sent to spy on a new political party called the German workers party. He liked the ideas of the party and he was quick to join. Soon after he joined he became the leader of the party and he was also known as the fuhrer. He changed its name to the National Socialist Workers Part and it was soon nicknamed the Nazi party. The Nazis wanted to restore Germany to its former glory and they also want to overthrow the treaty of Versailles. Hitler believed the Weimar government was too weak to achieve these aims that he had set in place. He soon became a good public speaker and won many supports over for the Nazis because they liked his ideas.

Once Hitler had fully established the Nazis party he then set up two private armies. One was called the SA and the other was called the SS. The two different groups had different jobs to do. The SA led by Ernst Rohm were nicknamed the brown shirts because the colour of their uniform. They were very violent and their job was to protect the meetings that the Nazis held and also to fight with the communists. The other army the SS were a smaller group and were set up to act like Hitler’s personal bodyguards. There leader was Heinrich Himmler.

In November 1923 the government became very unpopular. This was when Hitler decided that he would take the chance to stage a revolt in Munich. It was easily defeated and Hitler was sent to jail. While Hitler was in prison he had the time to write a book. He wrote a book called Mein Kampf. In the book he outlined his main beliefs.

These were his main ideas:

The German race was made up of superior racially pure people who Hitler called the Aryans. Hitler called the Germans the master race and anybody who didn’t fit into this category were treated as inferiors. This especially included the Jewish people.

Austria and other German speaking countries should be united as one with Germany. He called this the Anschluss.

Hitler planned to conquer Eastern Europe and Russia so that he could generate more land for the master race in Germany. He called this idea the Lebensraum which means living space.
He had also planned to ignore all of the terms in the treaty of Versailles because he hated it and he felt that it was not fair on the German people. He wanted to rebuild a new and very powerful Germany army against the terms of the treaty.

These were the some of the main reasons the Second World War started because of the things that Hitler did. It was at this time that Hitler started to change for the hero that we seen in world war on into a dictator and the most hated man in the world.

After Hitler was released from prison things began to change and not for the better. He was released in 1925 after spending 2 years in prison. At this time Mussolini had created a dictatorship in Italy. When Hitler found out about this he decided on a change of tactics. He had decided that he was going to wait and be voted into the government rather than staging another  revolt. This however did not work because the economy had begun to recover due to loans form American banks. Up to 1929 the government stayed strong and there was little support for a party like the Nazis. Because of the little interest in the 1928 election they only won 12 seats in the government.

However in 1929 things began to change. In October of that year the Wall Street Crash occurred. This meant that the American banks collapsed and they need the money that they gave to other countries including Germany. The money that the Germans had borrowed had gone to pay the reparations to the allies from world war one under the terms of the treaty of Versailles. Once Germany had no more money Hitler seen a chance to take power and move into government.

The democratic government was not able to solve the problems that were caused by the Wall Street crash. Support soon grew for the Nazi party and they went from having 12 seats to 230 seats in government. By 1933 Hitler’s Nazi party was the largest in the government. The German president did not like Hitler but despite his dislike he was persuaded to appoint Hitler as the prime minister of Germany. This was the first thing that really made change for Hitler being a hero in world war one and then truing into a villain. Once he had become the prime minister it gave him the chance to establish a dictatorship and this as when things began to change drastically.

He called another election as soon as he was made the prime minster. The police were brought under Nazi control the SS and SA attacked the other political parties and broke up their meetings. With only a week left until t election the government building called the Reichstag building was set on fire. Hitler blamed the communist’s on this and then used that as an excuse to get the communists party band form government.

In this election the Nazis only won 45% of the votes. Hitler was not happy with this and he used h tat of the communists to encourage the government to pass a law called the enabling act. That gave Hitler the power to rule the country for 4 years without having to get the approval of the government.
Most Germans support Hitler even though he destroyed democracy. This gave Hitler even more power. 

People liked Hitler for many reasons:

The Nazis were very good at Propaganda which means that they were able to gain support from the public using radio newspaper and the cinema. They made Hitler out to be the kind of man that loved children and that wanted to help Germany through the tough times and restore Germany to its former glory. A man called Joseph Goebbels was in charge of the propaganda.

Rallies were organised to also help the public to support Hitler and the Nazi party. At the Rallies there flags bands and Hitler would often speak to the public about important issue that he felt need to be addressed. The most famous of these rallies would be held at Nuremberg every year.
Hitler began to build up Germany and make it easier for people to get transported from place to place. He ordered the construction of motorways and public buildings. He also began rearming Germany and by doing this it created jobs in the arming factories.

Hitler did not like the treaty of Versailles that was made after world war one. He ignored the treaty and began to build up the army again and he began to make it very powerful again. By doing this he restored the Germans pride in their country.

A huge part of the Second World War was the concentration camps. Hitler was the man who set up the concentration camps. This was where people seen the huge transformation in Hitler. In the beginning they were kept a secret but they were found out during the Second World War. Hitler hated the Jewish people and he felt that there was no need for them. He blamed them for Germanys problems since world war one. He blamed the especially for the defeat in world war one.

Hitler made the German people who were not Jewish boycott all of the Jewish shops. The Jewish people were banned from being in government and in 1935 Hitler passed the Nuremberg laws. These laws did not allow the German Jewish people to claim citizenship. Jewish people were also not allowed to marry anybody of the German race.

It was in 1938n when people finally got to see the villain the Hitler really is. It was then when Hitler began to take over other parts of Europe. In 1942 when Hitler had over eight million Jewish people living in Nazi controlled territory it was then when he had decided on a final solution. This was his plan to get rid of all of the Jewish people. He had decided that he would kill all of the Jewish people. The responsibility for this task was handed over to the SS. They had to round up all of the Jewish people and they were then placed in Ghettos. These were specials areas in the cities and towns were only the Jewish people were allowed to go. A famous ghetto was the Warsaw ghetto in Poland. 
People stayed in the ghettos until it was time for them to be sent to the concentration camps. Here the Jewish people worked. They were slaves.  Not only were the Jewish people sent to these concentration camps. Hitler also sent polish people, Gypsies and disabled people to these camps. Hitler killed anybody who he felt would be a treat to the German master race. When people were sent there they were made to work. If a person was too old or weak to work they were sent to the gas chambers as soon as they arrived. Many people died form starvation and being over worked in the concentration camps. Around 6 million people died in the concentration camps during Hitler’s reign.

When people found out about the concentration camps things began to change for Hitler an
d they soon got worse. He was not able to cope because due to the pressure from the allied countries becoming more aggressive with their tactics Hitler began to feel that was a lot more going on than he had thought and he did not know how to deal with it. People in Germany also began to come against Hitler and in 1944; an attempt was made on Hitler’s life.

People as well as Hitler realized that they were not going to win the war and they wanted to end the war.6 years after Hitler had started the Second World War it was clear that they did not stand a chance of winning the war against the allied countries. Hitler was not the kind of man that would admit defeat. As a result, Hitler was not able to cope with the pressure of the war and he and his wife then committed suicide in Berlin in April. Hitler’s successor then decided that on May 7th he would order the German troops to surrender.

Hitler was an extremely unorganised ruler during the war and because of this led to Hitler committing suicide. He had too much to handle by attacking and ruling the other countries. He had gained too much power in a very short period and he did not know how to handle it. He was not able to cope with everything that was going on during the war and in the end, it was all just too much for him to handle.
In dying, Hitler created a mask. No one really knew the real Hitler but he had all of the traits of a villain. He was a very sly man in everything that he did, he never was the one that told people what to do, his right hand man Himmler was the one that done most of Hitler’s work. Hitler was in charge and only every gave the go head on things that were allowed to be done.

Hitler was a very nationalistic person. He was very proud of his country. After world war one when Germany was blamed for starting the war he became very angry about this. He felt that Germany was treated very badly because of the treaty of Versailles. This is often seen as one of the reasons as to why Hitler started the Second World War. So Hitler went from being a hero in World war one, fighting for his country and defending them to a villain in world war two, where he cared more about himself than anybody else. He had seen other people especially the Jewish people as worthless. Because Germany took the blame for the first world war, that angered Hitler and caused him to go form Hero to Villain and begin the second world war.

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