T.Y night.

Right now we are on our Easter holidays. Two weeks of doing nothing but hanging out with friends and relaxing and what seen better is that the sun has been shining everyday for the last week. After Easter there is only going to be 6 weeks left of T.Y this year has really gone by fast. After Easter there is not too many ore day trips planned I don’t think and that doesn’t really bother me too much. In some classes we have started to do work so that we will be more prepared for when we go into fifth year.

At the end of every T.Y year the transition years hold their T.Y night. This is when the make different stands in the school hall with all the different projects and things that we have been working on during the year there will be stands for things like art religion tech etc. Everybody has been assigned a subject that they will organise. I have been told that I am going to be working with Louise an we are going to be organising a stand for I.T

I’m really looking forward to T.Y night. The only thing is that this means that T.Y is going to end soon. Which well I don’t want to happen. I sure am going to miss T.Y and all of the fun classes, days out and in general the good fun and relaxed mood that you get in T.Y.

Hopefully fifth year will be fun. I’m not expecting it t be fun like T.Y but hopefully it will be good fun.

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