Review time.

Well for the second activity of the blog challenge you have to write a review of what your teacher has thought you since September or about what you have learnt during the student blog challenge. I have decided to write about what I have learned during T.Y.  You would be surprised at the amount you learn in Transition year. I have learned lots form doing all of the project and form going on different trips. I learned about W.B Yeats ,the state Labs and so much more. I have learned loads about different places and culture from doing different projects. From blogging and Mrs L blog challenge I have learn to do so many different things on a computer that are really helpful.

I'm not going to writ about all of the different things that I have learned during T.Y rather I'm going to write about what I have learned about myself during T.Y.

So at the start of the year I was quiet and I guess I still am. But during T.Y I have learned to communicate better with people. I have learned that now I am able to communicate with people much easier than before and I’m not finding it as hard to start a conversation. Even now I think that when it comes to talking with teachers as well I am much more at ease than I was before T.Y. I’m still quiet but I’m not as quiet as I was at the start of the year. I have learned that it’s ok to be yourself and not hide who you are form people.

I have learned that I can work well in groups. Before T.Y  I use to hat working in groups because I was always scared to voice my opinion because I was worried about what people might think about me but not anymore I don’t care about what people think about me as much as I use to. I think that T.Y has made me learn who I am….. :)

I have found out things that I am good at and things like that since the start of T.Y. I have found out that I love blogging too. I have learned so much about myself since I have started T.Y and I am glad that I did T.Y and that I was able to find out all of these things... :)

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