My sister's keeper.


In my other posts I have written about the book my sisters keeper  for m English homework so hopefully I done it right no I’m going to write what I thought about the book. Oh and sorry to anyone who read my last post who wasn’t finished reading the book if I ruined the ending on you I didnt mean for that to happen.

I love this book I have read it three times now and each time it still gets to me. I know what is going to happen yet you have to read it to believe it. The book is sad but it has it happy moments as well. There is many moments in the book that are really surprising and that you really dint expect these kinds of things to happen.

It thought that the book was so good. It’s worth reading and it’s the type of book that you can read over and over again and not get tire of it. It’s so different from the movie and I personally think that the book is far better than the movie. They change too many things in the movie so it won’t be as good as the book. I do like the movie and I think that it’s good to watch the movie but I would read the book first rather than watching the movie first.

I love that this book is written about a person’s life and how it’s about a person who is dying from cancer. I know that it sounds very morbid but I mean that it’s something that people might be able to relate to more unlike a novel that is about a horror. I know that I found it easy to relate to this story and I think that most people would be able to relate to this story. It’s one of those book that people can say “I know what that’s like” You might not have gone through the same things as in the book but you might have gone through something similar and you might know what it feels like.

My favourite part of the book has to be the ending. After we find out that Kate gets the kidney we hear for the first time form Kate herself. She talks about how her body almost rejected the kidney but thankfully it did. She tells us that it has put her into remission and she hasn’t had a relapse for five years ad nobody can explain it. She tells us what it was like for her family after her sister die and how it wasn’t meant to be that way and that it was always meant to be her that die. She told us about how Jesse became a police officer and that things began to get better for the family.

During the novel I found two lines that stuck out in my head that I thought were really nice and I won’t forget. The first was when Anna had just donated some blood marrow to Kate. They had set up the IV and the blood was starting to drip into the IV and into Kats veins. The compared this to a crazy straw. They then said that the blood running through “the IV is a crazy straw of possibility.”

The other was the closing line when Kate tells us about having her sister’s kidney and her blood and her marrow running through her veins. She said that she will always have Anna with her. I love this line so much. “I take her with me wherever I go”

That was my favourite part of the book because it show how when a tragic thing like that happens something good always comes out of it. I know that it sounds mean when I say it but I don’t mean it in a bad way I mean it as if something bad happens some good is sure to follow.

I like most aspect of the book but I did however not like the subplot which involved the lawyer and the GAL’s past relationship. I felt that it took away from the main story too much and that some of the readers might loos inters in Anna and Kate until the find out what happened between Campbell and Julia the GAL. I thought that it had no purpose in the book other than to create some drama but there was all ready plenty of drama happening in the book.

I have enjoyed reading this book ad even writing about the book that was fun too. I will never stop loving this book and I’m sure that I will read it again sometime. If anybody is thinking about reading the book I would say go for it. It is an amazing book.

 At the end of the book it finished with this “ I take her with me wherever I go” Kate says this because she has Anna’s blood, marrow and even a kidney keeping her alive today and she rakes Anna with her where ever she goes now.

“I take her with me where ever I go”

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