My Sisters Keeper.


I have blogged before about this but Ms B wants us to blog as much as we can about the book that we are reading off the list for the prescribed text for the leaving cert. I have chosen to ready “My sister’s keeper” by Jodi Picoult. 

I have read this book before and I have also watched the film. I much prefer the book as it is more interesting and the ending of the book is a lot better and completely different form the ending of the movie. Not trying to ruin the ending for anybody that is reading that book but it is totally unexpected form what you might think.

So before I go back to school after the Easter holidays I am hoping to have the book finished and I think that once I sit down to read it I will have it finished. I have to write a book review about the book when I’m finished and that is going to be part of the result I get fro English at the end of the year. So I’m not going to write too much about the book and what I think about it now I’m just going to talk about what I think of it and how I’m getting on with it now as I am reading it.

I can’t really say what chapter I’m on rather what day I’m on Wednesday sop like chapter three. In each day there is like sub chapters in it from the different people that are in the book. The different people that I have come across in the book so far are The mom Sara, The dad Brian, The brother Jesse, the Sister Anna she healthy sister, the lawyer Campbell And the guardian ad litem.  Each of the sub chapters are written in that persons point of view. For everybody so far they have been talking in the present but when the mom Sara is talking she talks about the past when her daughter Kate is first diagnosed with Cancer and how they cope with that and then why their other daughter Anna was born to help save her sisters life.

At the beginning of the book we first hear form Anna and how and why she was conceived, so that she could save her sister life. I found that really interesting and wondered to myself if I have a daughter who was dying from Cancer would I have another child so that I could save the other. I thought about it and I guess that I would but then again have one child just to use her to save the other. It seems a bit selfish like you only wan the child for one reason like she is only spare parts for her sister. What kind of life would it knows that your parents only want to have another child so that they could save the one that they all ready have.  That’s one thing that I really like bout this book it gets you thinking about what you would do in that situation.

The book is very sad but it is also kind of happy. It’s really about family, friend and love. It’s about the different things that you would do for your family because you love them. I like how the book looks at a person’s life. I mean like usually people only see the outside of a persons life but in the book you learn about the inside of there life. It’s hard for me to put into words what I’m trying to say. Even in the book when the Guardian ad litem goes to the Fitzgerald’s house she talks about how she thinks she is at the wrong house because on the outside everything looks perfect but when n you look deeper and go inside you really see that everything is not picture perfect like on the outside.

Right now I am at part of the book that I don’t really like. It’s when the lawyer and the guardian ad litem are working on the Fitzgerald case. When they were younger they went to the same school and they were in a relationship. Its now been fifteen years since they had seen each  other and a lot of what is going on in the book now is about there relationship in the past and what caused them to break up in the past. I don’t really like this part of the book because it takes away for the main story line. But then again I think that it’s good that its there because it provides a bit of a break and gives the readers a chance to take in everything that is going on in the book. I know that what I wrote there I just contradicted myself but anyway.

I’m enjoying reading the book and now I’m really starting to get into it so hopefully I will be finished it in no time. And here’s hoping that I will be able to write a good book review and do the book justice.

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