My sister's keeper. Key moments.

During this book there are many key moments.
Here are six of the key moments.

The opening scene. 
In the opening scene of the book we are introduced to Anna a thirteen year old girl who is talking about how she was conceived.  She tells us how she feels that most babies are un planned are they have been planned but not quite as planned as much as her. This scene is important because here we are given the back bone of the book. Here we learn about her sisters Kate’s rare form of Leukaemia and how Anna was conceived to save Kate’s life by acting as a donor. Her parents went to special doctors and got Ann genetically created so that she could be the perfect match for Kate. In this opening scene we also learn about her sisters Kate’s current medical condition and how she needs a kidney from Anna or she will die because she is in end stage renal failure.

Kate's diagnoses. 
The next Kate moment is form the past when we learn about when Kate got diagnosed with the rare form of leukemia. We learn that the family all got tested to see if any of them would be a suitable donor for Kate if she ever needs blood or organs. None of them were matches. Their doctor suggested them having another child but that if there were to have another child the child would have to be specially designed to ensure that he/she would be a perfect match for Kate. This is a key moment because we learn about Anna getting conceived and that her parents had planned only to use her to donate cord blood to Kate but that was not the only thing that she ended up giving her sister in the long run. This moment is the key to the book because without Anna you wouldn’t have the book.

Filing the lawsuit.
The next major key moment in the book is when Anna went to the lawyer’s office Mr Campbell Alexander to file the lawsuit. This part of the book is key. Anna goes to the lawyer’s office knowing that she doesnt have enough money to pay him but still goes in the hopes that he will take on her case. At first the lawyer things this is a joke but he soon realises that she really wants this to happen and so he decides that he will take on her case. This is a key moment because we realise here that Anna doesn’t want to be a donor for her sister anymore. We also find out that Anna has clearly thought about this for a while because she is confident that she knows what she wants to do. She is aware that if she goes through with the lawsuit and if she wins that her sister is going to die. This shows us how strong a person Anna is and even thought filing a lawsuit like this might seem childish and selfish we see how mature she is for a thirteen year old girl. Here we are also introduced  to the lawyer and it makes us wonder is he taking on the case for the publicity or is it because he really wants to help Anna.

The Fitzgerald’s find out about the lawsuit.
The next key moment is when Anna’s parents and the rest of her family find out about the lawsuit. This happens when the local sheriff who has grown to be a close friend of the family meets Sara in the hospital and hands her the envelope which hold the court order inside for medical emancipation. As expected Sara blows up about this which causes a fight between daughter in the hospital. When Kate is finished with her dialysis they all go home and they give Anna the chance to explain. Again as we expected this does not go well. Anna’s mother Sara thinks this is all a mistake and that she is just looking for some attention but Anna is sure that she doesn’t want to drop the lawsuit. Brian then decides to take Anna with her to the fire station to give her mother s chance to cool off. This is a key moment in the novel because her family are now involved in the lawsuit.  This is the beginning of the lawsuit. From now on we also see how Sara, Anna’s mother tries to get her to change her mind so that they can work something out together as a family rather than with a judge.

The court case.

The next key moment is the court case. This is when we find out why Anna really wanted to file this lawsuit. When Anna is asked to testify she is asked did she file this lawsuit all by herself. The response was that she was convinced to. The real reason why she filed for this lawsuit was because Kate had asked here to. Kate was fed up with all the different treatments and being in the hospital she just wanted it all to end. She asked Anna not to donate the kidney and by filing this lawsuit and winning that way Kate would get her wish. When the judge heard this he wanted to talk to Kate who told him that it was true and she wanted Anna to do it. Her mother was in shock and could not believe this and was trying to figure out why Kate would not tell that she wanted to be left to die. This is one of the biggest moments in the novel. We find out that it wasn’t Anna's decision, she didn’t want to do this but she knew that he sister really want living and she wanted her sister to be happy. This is a surprise to all of the readers but is something that you are not expecting to happen up until now you ask yourself why would Anna do things and why would you not give you sister a kidney and the result be that she will die. Anal wanted to give her the kidney but she couldn’t she knew that Kate was ready to die and she didn’t want her to suffer any more.

The closing scene.

This is the next key moment and it is also the end of the novel. This is after the court case. Anna won the court case and was granted medical emancipation form her parents meaning that she was able to make her own medical decision and the she did not have to give her sister the kidney. Mr Campbell was also granted power of attorney. This was both a happy moment and a sad moment. Everybody knew that this meant Kate was going to die but it was also a happy moment because it meant hat Kate finally got her last wish and he wouldn’t be suffering anymore. Once this had all happened before they left the court house Anna and her mother and father were untied together as a happy little family.They had all decided that they were going to go to the hospital to see Kate. Anna and the lawyer had to sign some papers before they went so her parents went on ahead and the lawyer took Anna to the hospital after. The weather was terrible especially for driving.

Her mother father and brother were at the hospital with Kate when her father got a call that he needed to go to work because there had been a car crash. What he didn’t know was that it was Anna in the car and the lawyer was the one that was driving the car. They had crashed and Anna seemed to get most of the force form the other car.

Anna sustained many injuries and was being kept alive by a ventilator. Mr Campbell had the power to decide what to do and he knew that she didn’t want her sister to die so he decided to turn off the machine and donate her organs so Kate could get the kidney that she needed.


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Uhmm all wrong , Where is Jodi Picoult when we need her ?!

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I published your comment because we are all entitle to an opinion. That is your opinion and my opinion that the above post contains key moments from the novel in my perspective.

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