My interview with Kellie... :)

As part of the blogging challenge for activity five we have to interview a person who visits and reads your blog. Kellie form the other T.Y class reads my blog so I interviewed her.

 What do you like most about blogging?
 "Sharing my day with other people"

 Are you happy that you have started a blog?
“Yes, blogging really helps me channel a bad day into something good by helping me reflect on the good and happy things that have happened that day

Do you like reading other peoples blogs?
“I love reading other people's blogs. I really like hearing what people did during the day and how they felt about that event

What do you look for in a blog?
“I look for humour, details and feelings and emotions in a blog

Do you leave many comments on people’s blogs?
“I only leave comments on blogs that really caught my eye or I found amusing or interesting

Are you going to continue blogging after transition year?
“I think I will continue after TY because it makes me happy when I blog.

Thank you Kellie. To see Kellie’s blog click here.

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tykellie said...

I hoped you liked my answers. Thanks for the link to my page.

siobhán said...

Thank you Kellie you were a great help. :)

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